Welcome to our very 1st blog

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Welcome to our very 1st blog, I must be crazy starting a blog at this time of the year, silly season, mad shopping and hectic family commitments.

But you know what let’s just throw ourselves into the deep end and get this started. As some of you know we are a husband and wife team a with two little ones, life is crazy and that’s how we like it! We create pieces mostly sourced from recycled timbers & materials, which we sand, cut and screen print in our little shed out the back. I say our shed but it really is taking over my poor husbands man cave, its tough for him. Especially since the whole family wants to get involved and his place of solitude has been taken over by a creative wife who sometimes wants the impossible designed and paint happy kids who haven’t quite grasped the understanding that you only paint ON THE PAPER, not the car.

Currently we am working of a new leather range experimenting with different techniques to create an accessory line. Our timber range is forever evolving and have great plans and ideas for the new year. Keep an eye out for some new creations we will be releasing soon!

At the end of November we we’re lucky enough to be asked to showcase in RAW Brisbane, this is a great event that supports local artist. Was a lot of work but it made us push one another creatively and produce pieces that we are very proud of. We received great feedback in regards to our wall hanging wine racks and timber deer heads that feature real deer antlers…. and NO Bambi was not hurt in the making of them. Deer antlers naturally fall off and they grow new ones.

Here a few pictures from the night!